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How to get rid of them.

No body likes warts, at least I don't think that they do,
I for one hate them, I was born with one.

Anyhway I got one growing on my back, it wasn't painful
or a real bother except in my mind, so I decided to get rid
of it.

I tried "Bazooka", the one advertised on TV, a waste of time,
it comes with a file, made from sandpaper which might be OK
anywhere other than the back, so I interrogated the Internet,
where I was advised to mic Bicarbonate of Soda with Caster oil
to form a paste, as I didn't have any caster oil I decided to try
Olive oil, extra virgin, I made the paste a bit on the stiff side
and put some on a plaster, I left this on for a couple of days, when
I removed the plaster, half of the wart fell off, a day later I put more
of the paste on a plaster and applied for another day. the wart is no
more, thank goodness.

So there you are bicarb' cleans backs as easily as pressure cookers.

A Scot Living in Croydon

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