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Post by Mike »

I noticed last year I think taht any liquid shampoo seems
to have a large hole in the top for pouring, or none at all,
this is so that you use it up quicker and buy more.

So when you liquid soap in the kitchen is finished, wash the
bottle, dry it and pour the shampoo into it, depending on
the length of your hair, 2 or 3 pumps of the dispenser will
be enough and you won't have to try and find shampoo till
we are allowed out again.

A Scot Living in Croydon

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Re: Shampoo

Post by maursey »

Great idea Mike.

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Re: Shampoo

Post by Ciderman »

A bit like toothpaste Mike, designed so that you cannot get the last 5% out, thereby ensuring 5% more sales, but they can still say "Contains 100g".
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Re: Shampoo

Post by aardvaark »

Cut the bottom end of the tube off and squeeze backwards. :surprise:

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